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"Going into the leadership assessment session, I was quite comfortable with the leadership I was providing to my organization as well as the contribution I was making to the company. After four intense hours with Greg and Larry, I realized that there was potential to extend the impact I was having on both fronts. The session revealed new opportunities for me to advance my organization, and I really sharpened my awareness of both strengths to leverage and areas to watch out for. I have taken what I learned to begin to coach my leadership team and have asked some of my leaders to go through the process as well."

Joe Drouin, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, TRW Automotive

Performance Values Assessment Services

CEOs and other senior leaders we work with all express common themes in their initial discussions with us:

  • An interest in finding out if their leadership teams, and key teams across the enterprise, are performing at their peak.
  • Recognition that there is a “values deficit” within their organizations. These values are articulated at a high level but there is little understanding of their meaning and relationship to day-to-day activities.
  • Understanding the costs of failing to hire/acquire outstanding talent due to failures in the hiring process.
  • Knowledge that almost all hiring mistakes occur because of a lack of culture and values fit - not a skills mismatch.

They know that most of what they have done to address these issues has not worked:

  • Experimentation with what to do to increase key leaders’ performance, but have not come across anything yet that is reliable and consistent.
  • They want to move their corporate values from vision into operational reality but mostly default to off sites and one-time events with the hope that the value produced is so great it will not erode over time. However, their corporate values still seem removed from the daily challenges and no matter how great the off site is; its impact fades over time.
  • They test people and have adopted behavioral interviewing, yet they still are not certain if they are making the right hire.

Selker Leadership addresses these issues and solves these problems through the following PVA services:

  • PVA Leadership Development Sessions
  • PVA Framework Development
  • PVA Training & Certification

Performance Values Framework Development

These frameworks describe the ideal behavior in a job that demonstrates the highest degree of functional and leadership competency, fully represents the values at the heart of the organization’s culture and delivers on strategic objectives.

These are “behavioral roadmaps” that tie principles and values to specific practices that improve performance.