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“First of all, I was really pretty far down the road with another company, and Greg calls me and wants three hours of my time to meet with him. All I can say is it was clear he learned more about me in those three hours than any other recruiter I’ve spent time with. I walked out of that meeting with a better sense of the opportunity, a deeper understanding of the client he wanted me to meet, and a commitment to go ahead and meet them.”

Cosmo Santullo, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales & Services
BMC Software, Inc.

Executive Search

Matching a candidate’s skills and experience with a company’s requirements is the central theme of executive search. But even the best match from a skills/requirements perspective fails when a company’s and candidate’s values are not a fit. Most search firms do not recognize this, and focus their strategies around just a skills match. However, we know that the most critical element in a successful search is to identify and articulate a company’s values, and match them to the ethical actions and leadership behavior in a candidate’s experiences and job performance.

Our Executive Search Service is unique because our Performance Values Assessment™ methodology is at its core. We can promise you higher caliber candidates by virtue of the tools used throughout the search which are designed to:

  • Create selection criteria that encompass the sought-after skills and experience while identifying the optimal cultural and behavioral characteristics of the particular role in the company.
  • Devise a search strategy that identifies executives who match these criteria as evidenced by their actions throughout their careers.
  • Drive consistency in the evaluation and comparison of candidates.
  • Deliver executives who impact a company through producing desired results while narrowing the gap between a declared and operational state of leadership.

Putting Value Back Into the Value Proposition
It is understandable that companies seem resigned to an executive search process that doesn’t deliver any value other than placing a candidate. The true talent of an executive search consultant lies in the ability to assess candidates and match their skills, experience and values with an organization. It involves more than a cursory one-hour interview where half the time is spent talking about current affairs and pleasantries and the rest is spent reviewing a person’s resume.

“My first introduction to Selker Leadership was through being interviewed as a candidate for a board search. I don’t think I have ever experienced as thorough and thought provoking interview as the three hours I spent with Selker Leadership. It was clear at the end of this session that they knew more about me than any other recruiting firm I had spent time with in the past. I have gone on to work with Selker Leadership as a client now in several situations. I know that their evaluation system works. They discover in-depth information about people to the benefit of their clients.”

Virginia Gambale, Managing Partner of Azimuth Partners LLC and
former Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Strategic Ventures

A Selker Leadership interview takes three to four hours. To deliver the best value to you, we get to know the candidates by conducting in depth interviews that determine the level of their skills and experience and isolate their behaviors representative of your values. This process gives us a multi-dimensional view of a person, and creates a genuine rapport between the candidate and us. In fact, consistently individuals we have interviewed, have said that it was the most thorough and engaging they have ever experienced.

Armed with detailed anecdotes, much time is spent culling the information and writing the Interview Reports of candidates we recommend for interview. This report is not simply a regurgitated resume with scant commentary. The Interview Reports generated by Selker Leadership offer meaningful analysis and supporting data that assist you in your evaluation of this individual’s match to your company.

All of this written data is backed up with our proprietary tool, the PV Framework and the resultant Leadership Value Average. You receive unprecedented value for the fee associated with a search.