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“Selker Leadership has been a valuable partner to BMC Software, helping us to find outstanding candidates for both board assignments and key management positions within BMC. Greg and his team provide deep and actionable insight into candidates that enable me and my team to accurately assess their talent and capability to become key contributing executives driving the future of our company. And in the end, being able to talk with candidates that can provide rich business value is what it is all about. We use Selker Leadership because they have consistently delivered that and more.”

Bob Beauchamp, President & Chief Executive Officer, BMC Software


What We Do

Selker Leadership assists organizations in building and maintaining cultures of leadership. Through consulting services, executive search and board search, Selker Leadership applies its breakthrough leadership assessment methodology to help corporations define an ideal state and realize optimum performance.

Performance Value Assessment™ (PVA™) is our patent-pending, comprehensive methodology that is the basis for all of our services. This extensive assessment process begins with studying the behaviors for a specific position unique to each client’s organization and determining which skills are necessary for the person in that position to lead effectively and reach the highest levels of performance.

When used in the executive or board search process, the PVA system will deliver not only the most skilled candidate, but also the one who exhibits the same values as your company. Selker Leadership’s system is uniquely designed to find the leader who will fit your corporate culture and fill a much-needed role that will take the organization or division to a new level of success.

When utilized for individual or team consulting, PVA assesses the current level of leadership exhibited by individuals and helps executives determine the areas in need of improvement and the skills they need to acquire to lead more effectively.

When integrated into your company's hiring or performance appraisal system, the PVA methodology ensures that you are hiring and promoting people who will help you close the gap in performance, deliver on your strategic objectives, and in obtaining a culture most representative of your values.

Promised Results
  • Increased productivity, profitability and earnings
  • Increased retention and decreased turnover
  • Newly hired and promoted employees experience greater satisfaction and have an immediate impact
  • Lower overall costs of hiring and training
  • Organizational values are reinforced through the hiring and promotion process
  • Provides an immediate wakeup call to your current employees
  • Improved image and reputation
  • New employees match your declared values
  • A culture of values-based leadership is developed, nurtured and maintained